This is how YOUR CORNER works with you and your preschool.

1 Free screenings

If you, your child’s teacher or your pediatrician have concerns about your child’s speech or language, you can arrange for a free screening in their classroom. YOUR CORNER provides regular screening sessions at all partnering preschools.

We walk through your child’s results. If they could benefit from clinical therapy, we’ll discuss options with you and your preschool teacher.

Talk to your child’s teacher to arrange a screening. Or contact us.

2 Individualized therapy

YOUR CORNER balances the personal attention of individual speech therapy with the richness of small-group play. Peer groups top out at just three children, so you can be sure your child gets the attention they need to do well.

Weekly therapy sessions last 30 minutes, with additional time for teacher/staff consultation.

3 Regular homework

Children make the most progress when their therapy comes with reading, play and communication strategies at home. We work with you to develop at-home tasks that maximize your child’s speech and language therapy gains.

4 Parent/teacher/therapist conferences

When you work with YOUR CORNER, your child’s speech therapist will join in your regular preschool parent-teacher conferences whenever possible—or hold a separate conference to keep you and your child’s teacher up to date on progress.

5 Consultative services

Do you have questions about your child’s comprehensive needs? Not sure where to go for additional treatment, assessment or care? Being in your corner means we want to connect you with all the services your child needs. We consult with families and schools on additional resources, possibilities and next steps.