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YOUR CORNER partners with Nebraska schools and families to bring quality speech, feeding and occupational therapy services into the classroom.

We’re in your corner!



Are more children arriving at your school with significant delays? Does your school struggle to staff SLPs and OTs to meet these needs?

You can partner with YOUR CORNER to help your school rise to this important challenge. We contract with public and private schools in southeast Nebraska to integrate clinical speech language and occupational therapy into the classroom setting.



Child playing with blocks



When your school district partners with Your Corner, your staff gains an expert clinical therapist with years of experience in the field. They aren’t there to disrupt, overhaul or complicate your teachers’ work. They’re there to merge with your staff and support them within your school’s unique curriculum and culture.



Children playing with blocks



The growing demand for specialized services is overwhelming our schools. And kids too often go without the services they need. A Your Corner partnership adds value to your school by making things simpler for families. Eliminating the back-and-forth travel for clinical speech language appointments strengthens children’s developmental, social and academic outcomes by eliminating interruptions to their instruction and routines. Reach out to become a Your Corner partner today!