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YOUR CORNER partners with Lincoln-area parents and preschools to bring clinical speech therapy into the classroom.

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Your child’s school readiness is built on speech and language skills. If your child needs extra help before kindergarten, their preschool classroom is the perfect place to get it.

YOUR CORNER partners with preschools in and around Lincoln, Neb. We deliver clinical speech therapy for 3-5-year-olds in the place where they’re most comfortable and ready to learn—their home classroom!

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Are more children arriving at your school with significant speech and language delays? Today’s preschoolers have developed language in pandemic-disrupted environments. And the impacts are showing.

The growing demand for specialized services is overwhelming Nebraska schools. And kids too often go without the services they need.

Your preschool can help Nebraska rise to this challenge by partnering with YOUR CORNER Children’s Speech and Language Services. We specialize in the needs of children 3-5 by integrating clinical speech language therapy into your preschool classrooms.

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